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RS485  Series

GasPost II

The Acme GasPost II toxic gas sensor/transmitter measures CO and NO2 gas concentrations in enclosed areas and transmit its readings to a CEL-series monitor/controller over an addressable RS-485 “Daisy-Chain” sensor network.

The GasPost II has an easy 4-wire field connection: a pair of wires from the CEL monitor/controller supplies 24V AC power to the GasPost II (via terminals (1 & 2); and another pair is used for data communication (via terminals 3 & 4).

The GasPost II employs diffusion-type electrochemical sensors to measure CO and NO2 gases. The measurement of both gases is done almost instantaneously with long-term accuracy and trouble-free operation. The GasPost II offers other target gas combinations to be available soon.

With the increased use of gas detection in maintenance and industrial facilities, the GasPost allows installers and users to meet code requirements in an economical fashion using commercial-grade gas detection equipment.

The GasPost contains all the well-known standard features of ACME’s gas detection line; a robust enclosure, the latest sensor technology, and state-of-the-art electronics.

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