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VOC-2  Series

Volatile Organic Compounds Detector

The Acme Volatile Organic Compounds Detector, REF-IR-ST Sensor/Transmitter, is designed to detect the presence of refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The REF-IR-ST series employs a high-precision NDIR sensor ideal for gas-specific and accurate measurements of the most commercially used refrigerants. With its 1PPM resolution, 0-1000PPM measuring range, and operating temperature and humidity characteristics, the REF-IR-ST far exceed the current ASHRAE 15 requirements.

The diffusion-based sensing method eliminates the use of filters and moving parts such as pumps, solenoid valves, etc. found in sample-draw systems and renders virtually maintenance-free operation.

The REF-IR-ST addressable version is fully compatible with Acme’s popular CEL-Series Multipoint Controllers making refrigerant leak monitoring possible from a single control panel and up to 32 transmitters in a common RS-485 network. The REF-IR, on the other hand, is a single-point stand-alone refrigerant leak Sensor/ Controller available either with a built-in or a remote sensor.

The standard unit has a 3-stage relay output and an alarm buzzer. REF-IR-24 operates from a dedicated 24V 60HZ power supply source. Optionally it can also provide a 4-20mA output and can be equipped with a strobe light. Units are also available for 120V 60HZ power supplies (REF-IR-120).

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