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MGMS Multi-Gas Monitoring System

The Acme MGMS is our latest multipoint, multigas detection system designed with modular construction and remote connectivity in mind. A DIN-rail mountable system consisting of a CM (Controller Module), RM (Relay Module), and AM (Analog Module) snap together for ease of installation, expandability, and upgradeability. Industry-standard communication protocols like Ethernet and BACnet are available for remote supervision and reporting to building automation systems.


A wide range of sensors is available for our SM (Sensor Module) detector network with plug-and-play architecture for sensor replacement. The sensors come pre-programmed and calibrated, eliminating the requirement for the use of test gas for site calibration after servicing. Full software control of relay and analog output logic means that changes can be made to the control philosophy post-installation to adjust to changing site conditions.


  • Gas Detection network capable of communicating real-time with any smart device.

  • A highly customizable system that seamlessly manages a handful of sensors all the way to 256 units and 98 remote relay modules.

  • BACnet capable with READ and WRITE features

  • “Plug-and-play”.

  • Full remote visibility of network through an optional web-based interface.

  • Relay outputs from the Control Panel or from Remote Wireless Relay Modules.

  • An intuitive network/user interface makes fine-tuning of the network incredibly easy.

  • Activation sequence that can be based on time, zone-based readings (AVG, MIN, and MAX)


  • Energy savings through the intermittent operation of ventilation equipment in enclosed facilities.

  • Suitable for garages, tunnels, warehouses, and other enclosed commercial locations where a hazardous build-up of gases may occur.

  • Ideal for retrofit of existing buildings to improve safety and conserve energy.

  • Designed for multiple stage projects

For more information about this product please click the Product Literature, Specifications, and or Application Request Form links provided on this page

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