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FRP Pressure Vessels

Our FRP Division designs and manufactures various types of FRP simplex, duplex, automatic scraper, and backflush filters for various industries.

We provide complete skids with piping, valves, and instrumentation along with PLC control if required by clients.  With our vast experience in fabrication since 1988, we perform several fabrication activities in-house as well as onsite. We undertake the design and development of:

  1. Pressure vessels (Design and calculations as per ASME SEC. X, and BS 4994:1987).

  2. Filtration.

  3. Piping / Skids.

  4. Oil storage tanks.

  5. Vacuum dryers.

Industrial Product Range & Engineering Solutions

Mechanical design & detailed engineering as per ASME Code SEC.X / BS 4994:1987

Preparation of Drawings & Datasheets

We have the in-house capability of providing solutions to various industries for the treatment of water and process fluids. We have vast experience in:

  • Wastewater treatment.

  • Sea water treatment.

  • Cooling systems.

  • Chemical processes.

Manufacturing of storage tanks, scrubbing tanks, FRP scrubbers & blowers, FRP pipe & fittings, FRP gratings, debris & mussel filters, automatic self-cleaning filters/strainers, pipeline strainers, cartridge & bag filters, etc.

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