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Basket Type Strainers

The ACME Basket strainer consists of a removable screen that can easily be removed from the top. Basket Strainers are used to trap suspended solids and particulate too large to be caught by most filter media. Basket strainers temporarily disrupt a system when cleaning is required.

  • ASME designed inline basket housing.

  • Basket flow inside out to trap particulate.

  • Standard design pressures include 150psi, 300psi till 15000 psi (Higher pressure available on request).

  • Available with multi-mesh and wedge wire

  • Vessels available in CS,CSRL,SS304,SS316,Duplex,Super Duplex, FRP

  • Swing bolt closure allows for quick element change out.

  • Davit used on larger vessels to facilitate basket change out.

  • Units can easily be converted to automatic strainers

Basket Strainer.png
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