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Carbon Dioxide Monitor Controller

The CO2-EN Gas Detection Carbon Dioxide Monitor Controller is designed to provide HVAC systems with economical means of controlling outdoor makeup air to maintain indoor air quality and reduce the cost of heating or cooling the building environment. The CO2-EN is used for ambient monitoring in commercial and light industrial environments. Air samples originate at the remote sampling head, which contains a high-efficiency particulate filter.

It can also be provided with a duct-mounted sampling head to sample return air from offices or other locations where the control unit should be concealed from view. The standard CO2-EN unit is supplied with ACME’s high capacity sampling filter assembly for remote mounting from the control unit. The standard unit has four contact levels at 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 PPM CO2, allowing maximum flexibility in selecting operating levels.

The four output SPST contact levels can also be factory set to whatever CO2 levels are required by the customer. An optional 4-20mA analog output signal over the detection range of the sensor is available for variable drive units or remote supervision. An integral or remote alarm for warning at selected CO2 levels is also available. Please see the reverse of this bulletin for complete specifications.

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