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Automatic Backwash Strainer

The ACME Automatic Backwash Strainer has been designed to remove solids from 25mm in size down to 30-micron particles. The general literature piece describes the various connection options available as well as the advantages of the Acme backwash arm design over that of competing manufacturers.

These strainers are available with connections from 1″ up to 48″ in fabricated carbon steel, stainless steel, and various alloys such as Alloy 20 and Monel. All internal components, including the wedgewire or mesh screen, are constructed of SS316L or other alloys for durability and longevity. Special designs are available for low-pressure installations. All strainers are fabricated to the exact design requirements of each client and are still cost-competitive with cast-vessel backwash strainers from Acme’s main competitors.

Acme ACRS strainers can now be ordered with FRP vessels for maximum corrosion resistance in seawater or process applications.

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