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About Us

Acme Engineering Products & Systems India is a Joint Venture Company having manufacturing units near Mumbai India.

Acme India currently offers a complete range of filtration products including automatic strainers, basket strainers, cartridges, and bag filters, and complete skidded filtration packages. 

We offer pressure vessel certifications such as ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 and PED and we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

We follow PED / ASME section VIII code for the design of pressure vessels and we provide related inspector & test documentation for our products on special requests.

Our Products

Automatic Scraper Strainer

The ACME Automatic Scraper Strainer has been designed to remove solids from 150mm in size down to 75-micron particles. The general literature piece describes the various connection options available as well as the advantages of a scraper strainer over a backwash strainer. 

Basket Type Strainers

The ACME Basket strainer consists of a removable screen that can easily be removed from the top. Basket Strainers are used to trap suspended solids and particulate too large to be caught by most filter media. 

Scraper Strainer.png
Basket Strainer.png

Y Type Strainers

The ACME Y type Strainer is the most cost effective, Y strainer uses perforated wire mesh or wedge wire to trap unwanted solids from a process stream. 


Conical / Temporary Strainers

Conical temporary strainers provide a cost-effective solution for protecting downstream equipment from sediment and debris during pipeline start-ups and commissioning.

conical 2.png

Our Experience

We provide the Design solution for piping Systems:

Piping Engineering:
– Detail Engineering 

– 3-D modeling of Piping
– Piping Flexibility and stress analysis 

– General Piping layout and isometrics
– Piping material and support specification

Process Engineering:
– Material Specification                                         

– Preparation of P&ID’s and line list We provide the Design solutions for Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:
– Mechanical Design and detail engineering as per ASME Sec. VII Div. 1 & 2, ASME sec.III API 650, API 620, etc.
– Preparation of Drawings and Data Sheetsa

Construction work planning
ACRS-OF-24-100-FRP F1218-60-1.JPG

Facilities and Equipment

Corporate office is at Thane near Mumbai. We have 3 manufacturing and assembly units in Thane District Total Area – 17500 sq. feet.

We have a team of 25 people and completely setup to manufacture & test finished product & raw materials.

We have machines like Lathe, Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Welding, Cutting and supporting machinery for SMAW/GTAW process along with Tooling and other precision instruments required to produce the desired quality as per international quality standards & design codes, with all the latest measuring instruments & gauges

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