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QD-REF  Series

Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor

The Acme Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor is designed to detect refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The Monitor utilizes a sophisticated NDIR sensor specific to any one of the commercially available refrigerants. It can monitor over a range of 0-1000ppm with a resolution threshold as low as 1ppm. The QuadSet can monitor up to four locations in one of two modes of operation, diffusion or sample-draw. In the diffusion mode, up to four RF-IR-ST-24 Refrigerant Sensor/ Transmitters can be daisy-chained to the Monitor and transmit data on an RS-485 communication bus.

In the sample-draw mode, built-in diaphragm pumps continuously draw air samples from the four locations via tubing, the incoming samples are then diverted to a built-in sensor by means of a sequencer and solenoid valves.

Designed to act as a fixed in-situ safety monitor, the QuadSet automatically operates the mechanical ventilation system of a facility upon detection of low levels of refrigerants, thereby protecting occupants, personnel, and gas-sensitive goods and products.

The standard Monitor has a 3-stage relay output configuration and a malfunction relay. Options include 4-20mA analog output based on average or worst reading, strobe light, and/or a horn. With the increased use of gas detection in maintenance and industrial facilities, the QuadSet allows installers and users to meet code requirements in an economical fashion using commercial-grade gas detection equipment.

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