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TW-ECH  Series

Twinset Gas Monitor

The Acme TwinSet and its microprocessor-based system feature a high-quality stand-alone controller providing all the necessary hardware for the continuous monitoring of two gases in the following combinations: CO/CO, CO/CO2, CO/ NO2, CO/COMB. This unit is primarily geared towards providing alarm-activated relays for simple applications such as small parking garages.

The TwinSet employs the best sensing technologies available: Electrochem and pellistor (catalytic combustion) cells. These quality components provide virtually instantaneous detection of targeted gasses and deliver long-term trouble-free operation. The main body of the TwinSet Gas Monitor detects carbon monoxide build-up, while the remote sensor monitors either CO, NO2, or a combustible.

Installed within the monitored space, the TwinSet monitors targeted gas concentration rates and automatically operates the mechanical ventilation system of a facility. Upon detection of low levels of hazardous and flammable gases, the ventilation system is energized, thereby protecting occupants, personnel, and gas-sensitive goods and products.

The TwinSet contains all the well-known standard features of ACME’s gas detection line; a robust enclosure, the latest sensing technologies, and state-of-the-art electronics.

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