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WGH-TS Series

Electric with HT Thermal Storage for Heating Water and DHW Heater (In one package)

This is one unit multipurpose in the boiler room. It has independent control of Water Heating, Domestic Hot Water and Glycol Mixture. 


Apartment Buildings; Condominium Buildings; Educational Buildings; Food Services; Hotels; Retirement Homes; Office Buildings; Mining Operations; Thermal Pump System


- One unit multipurpose in the boiler room.

- Storage capacity based on actual requirements.

- Use of electric valleys under demand charge.

- Independent control of water heating DHW, and glycol mixture.

- Cost savings in electricity consumed.

- Initial cost savings of installed power.

- Operational savings.

- Savings maintenance cost.

- Accurate control of temperature by 3-way valves.

- Protection against high temperature and loss of flow.

- Compatible with building BAS system.

- Easy programming changes.

Thermal storage vessel of high-temperature water (non circulating)

Designed according to ASME Section VIII Div. 1 for 100 PSIG with 1/16 in. Corrosion allowance and 400F. Operating at 52.3 PSIG and 300F maximum. 4 in (100mm).

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