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GS Series

Gas Fired Steam Superheater

ACME Steam Superheaters are available for operating pressures of up to 800 PSIG and temperatures up to 1200 deg. F. Steam flow is only limited by practical size considerations. Pressure sections are built to ASME code with National Board or CRN registration. Burners are AGA or CGA listed with UL, CSA or other gas train standards as requested or applicable. The ACME Steam Superheater is delivered to the site prewired and prepiped requiring only steam, gas, main power and stack connections. Similar units are available to heat air or other gases. Special features such as weatherproof construction and stainless steel casings for corrosive environments are available on request.
ACME GS Series Steam Superheaters are auxiliary equipment to steam boilers. They are built to meet the specific design and performance requirements of each application.

The ACME Horizontal or Vertical Superheaters have inlet and outlet flanged connections oriented to suit local conditions for simplified field installation. A pressure safety valve is standard.

The casing of the Superheater could be in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel as required. It is further insulated with H.T Ceramic Fiber which in turn is protected by an aluminum cover.

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