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ES-25/50/60 Series

Small Standard Electric Steam Superheater

ACME Electric Steam Superheaters are available for use with steam boilers as auxiliary pieces of equipment. Our superheaters are all custom-made and built to meet the specific design requirements of each application. A superheater increases the temperature of the steam but does not increase the latent heat of evaporation.

This means that heating with supuerheated steam is similar to heating with hot air. The material or medium being heated will approach the temperature of the superheated steam as long as the steam is not allowed to condense. It should be pointed out that if the steam is allowed to condense, the bulk of the heat will be transmitted at the saturated steam temperature for that pressure rather than at the superheated steam temperature. In addition to applications requiring supereheated steam for non-condensing processes, superheaters are also used only to obtain “dry” steam -i.e. 100% vapor – at the point of use.

This requires the re-evaporation of all the water droplets which are carried by the steam. All of the droplets must be evaporated before the steam can be superheated; therefore, a few degrees of superheat above the saturation temperature assures dry steam.

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