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C-520 Series

Electric Hot Water Boiler

Acme electric hot water boilers are economical units that deliver maximum kilowatts in minimum space requirements. Ideal for new boiler applications or as a replacement unit to upgrade existing applications. This model takes up less floor area and fits through smaller openings than oil or gas-fired units. Easy and economical to install, available in sizes from 9 KW to 2600 KW at all common voltages up to 600 V, 3PH. Pressure vessels are built to ASME Code. National Board or CRN registration are available. Standard design pressure is 1035 kPa (150 PSI). Other higher design pressures are available. Pressure vessels can be in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steels – SS304 or SS316.

ACME Standard heating elements are Incoloy sheathed designed for efficient heat transfer, long service life, and safety. Each element is rated at 75 W/ for maximum dissipation. The blades are individually fielded replaceable with standard tools which greatly reduces the cost and time required to replace them. Since the size of each element is small in comparison to the total boiler capacity, the loss of a single element does not dramatically affect the boiler operation. As a result, the replacement of a defective element can be postponed until a regular maintenance interval.

ACME electric hot water boilers are manufactured under rigid progressive quality control. Protection and control sequences are simulated and verified. Unit is factory prewired and mechanically complete and arrives on site ready to operate after main piping and electrical connections are made.

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