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CEJW Series


High Voltage Immersed Electrode Hot Water Boiler

ACME ENGINEERING PRODUCTS offers hot water boilers based on proven design for building complexes, commercial structures and light industry. This boiler can be connected directly on the high voltage power distribution network.

Any voltage up to 20 KV, 3 phases, 3 wires and centerline grounded line.

  • Capacities from 3000 to 34,000 KW

  • Operating pressure to suit

  • Voltages up to 20 KV, direct on line as above

  • Economical electrical installation directly at high volt-age, pre-wired for installation close to existing buildings.

  • Can be supplied in packaged boiler room system.

  • Completely independent pre-pipped and pre-wired For installation close to existing buildings. Only heat exchanger output connections to existing systems are required.

  • Prompt assistance to designers, installers and users.


  • For direct network connection at up to 20 KV

  • Economical even for capacities between 2 & 22 MW

  • Simple controls

  • Can be added to existing system and suitable for optional water storage facilities

  • Taking advantage of low off – peak electricity rates and demand charges

These Electrode Boilers have unlimited application possibilities wherever a need for process or space heating exists. A partial list of possible uses includes:

  • Office and apartment building

  • Hospitals, schools, hotels

  • Food processing

  • Clothing and textiles plants

  • Industrial plants

  • Mining operations

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