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David Morginstin ACME Engineering Products is a professional organization with qualified staff ... David Morginstin , Project Manager, Intake Products
Siemens Water Technologies Corp.
Our expertise line
Acme has always produced packaged solutions that include controls and instrumentation. This required us to develop expertise in pressure vessel design, on which our boiler and strainer technology is based, electrical engineering for our heating and control systems, and electronic design for our gas detection systems. Since Acme sells its equipment worldwide, we have been exposed to many industries from raw materials processing through manufactured goods into advanced fields like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Working with this wide variety of clients has allowed us to share process and engineering experience from different fields and entice clients to consider solutions from outside their industry which would not immediately have seemed applicable. Our detailed files on completed projects allow Acme to easily recover expertise from the past and reformulate it for current applications.
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