|gas detection|combustible gas detectors|hazardous gas detection|gas leak detection instruments Acme has been manufacturing a full range of gas leak detection instruments for over 30 years. Our gas leak detection instruments use the latest in sensor technology, are designed for minimal maintenance and use rugged enclosures to resist site damage and tampering. Our control panels allow for easy expansion and customization to provide engineers and contractors with affordable flexibility and easy installation.

Acme’s gas leak detection instruments are designed for industrial or building applications where hazardous gas leaks could cause great property and environmental damage. These systems are economical, rugged and easy to install and come with a variety of detectors suitable to most applications.

Gas leak detection instruments are designed for installation in chiller rooms or other enclosed spaces where refrigerant or VOC leaks will displace oxygen at the floor level. The O2-EL gas leak detection instruments have an extremely sensitive electrochemical cell with a 2-year lifespan to monitor minute changes in oxygen levels and transmit variances to a central monitoring panel via a 4-20 mA signal. Acme can also provide control panels for all its 4-20 mA sensors as well as provide single point units with dry contact outputs if requested.

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