|gas detection|combustible gas detectors|hazardous gas detection|gas leak detection instruments Acme Engineering has since diversified its product offerings into three divisions: boilers and associated heating products; combustible gas detectors for building ventilation control, and; automatic strainers for liquid filtration. Acme is also capable of integrating mechanical, electrical and electronic systems into comprehensive, turnkey packages for its clients.

Acme Engineering manufactures environmental controls & detection systems (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, diesel fumes, oxygen deficiency & combustible gas detectors); commercial & industrial process heating equipment including thermal liquid heaters, electric steam & hot water boilers, gas-fired & electric steam super heaters, boiler room accessories & duct humidifiers & liquid spill detection equipment; automatic scraper strainers for the automatic removal of contaminants from intake, process & waste fluid flows.

The combustible gas detectors can be grouped in any combination. The wiring between the Control Panel and the remote combustible gas detectors is accomplished by a 4-wire “daisy-chain”. The LCD provides a digital readout of gas concentrations and ON-OFF output level status for each channel as well as system error codes. This unit provides the functionality of our CEL 32-point control panel in a smaller package.
For Propane and gas vapours: combustible gas detectors must be mounted vertically according to the arrow on the sensor.

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