|gas detection|combustible gas detectors|hazardous gas detection|gas leak detection instruments Industrial Applications for Acme Automatic Scraper Strainers. Membrane filter pre-screening : all membrane filter manufacturers recomm end that all influent be pre-screened to 500 microns in order to maintain membrane filter efficiency. An automaticscraper strainer installed after the supply pumps, prior to the membrane filterís intake plenum will perform this function. Since this is one of the fastest growing technologies in the water and wastewater industry, this is one of the most promising markets for our scraper strainers. Stormwater screening : municipal stormwater collection systems can exceed their design capacities under heavy rain or upset conditions. Very large solids can then enter the system such as twigs, branches, construction debris and garbage that would overwhelm the wastewater treatment system. Acme has a special strainer design with a large collector system under the strainer. This collector is bracketed by two gate valves to allow the collected debris to be de-watered prior to disposal into a dump truck. Acme is the only automatic strainer manufacturer to have devised a completely automated package of this type. Automatic strainers save substantial labor costs when compared to manually-cleaned strainers and ensure continuous, uninterrupted flows even during blowdown cycles. The following is a summary of potential applications for our units.

The ACME Automatic Scraper Strainer has been designed to remove solids from 150mm in size down to 75 micron particles. The general literature piece describes the various connection options available as well as the advantages of a scraper strainer over a backwash strainer. These strainers are available with connections from 1" up to 36" in fabricated carbon steel, stainless steel and various alloys such as Alloy 20 and monel. The ACME Automatic Scraper-Strainers are supplied with a control system suitable for the application and incorporating the flexibility of field adjustments. Because of their construction, durability and flexibility, ACME Automatic Scraper-Strainers are a cost-effective solution to a wide range of demanding filtration applications

Straining: The automatic strainers have a circular arrangement of elements mounted to a removable tubesheet. Raw water enters the inlet chamber, passes through the tubesheet, then flows through the elements from inside to outside. Solids are collected inside the elements, and the strained water exits via the outlet. Continuous protection of downstream equipment with automatic, un-attended backwash operation. Our patented multi-element design provides larger surface area than most automatic strainer designs, with greater solids holding capacity and longer intervals between backwash cycles. The Web, motorized, automatic, self-cleaning strainer, provides continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems that demand full time uninterrupted flow. The Web is particularly effective in fluid applications where unattended service, high solids loading and/or uninterrupted flow requirements deem a basket strainer and its attendant maintenance problems impractical. Automatic Strainers reduce labor costs and product loss associated with manually cleaned pipeline strainers and bag filter systems. Our website illustrates several different styles of automatic strainers and filter systems; use the navigation tabs above or visit our site map for descriptive links of each webpage. Following is a summary of the different type of automatic strainers and automatic filters that we offer, linked to more detailed catalog pages.

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